What Is Conversion Optimization?

What is Conversion Optimization:

Conversion Optimization is a structured process of optimizing content for the people that are buying from you, how they interact with your site, and what influences their purchasing decisions. Crafting a theory for why potential clients react to your site content the way they do, hypothesize a solution, and test a solution against a control (the original content).

How it's done:

Our approach to SEO and Internet Marketing is a little different. Conversion Optimization is another arrow in our quiver, but like all the other arrows and tools at our disposal, it is not a stand alone strategy. Conversion optimization has to be coupled with an ability to draw conclusions from the data gathered, create a solution, and test the accuracy of your theories. There is no room for ego in this process. We fail as much, if not more, than we succeed. The key is to not pretend to have all the answers. We don't develop solutions by the HI.P.P.O affect (The Highest Paid Person's Opinion), we let user data drive the decisions for an improved web presence. Here is how we do just that:

1. On page content

Using heat maps and on page data analysis tools, we analyze:

  • Click paths;
  • Interaction patterns by keyword;
  • Interaction patterns by traffic sources;
  • Interaction patterns by device and OS;
  • High-value pages abandonment rates;
  • Form, cart, and conversion usability issues;
  • Potential barriers to conversions;
  • Calls to action and page content; etc.

The gathered data is analyzed, and a hypothesis is crafted. Then using an A/B testing or multivariate testing tool, possible solutions are tested and refined.

2. Remarketing

A proper understanding of how people are using your site, which parts of your site they visit, and what their search intent is; allows us to properly “bucket” clients into appropriate groups. Using this information, we can remarket to these individuals with creative that they are likely to find more relevant, and appealing and therefore more likely to click through. Conversions increase as they are more likely to be delivered to content they are interested in, and more likely to convert.

3.     Analytics and Conversion Tracking

An audit of your Google Analytics implementation may reveal opportunities for improved data. In addition, we would recommend making your phone number as prominent and accessible as possible, and use a phone tracking system that can integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords to measure conversions by phone.

Further conversion tracking opportunities exist by implementing a live chat feature  which can also help identify high value visitors and be tracked as a conversion.

Why is it important:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is no longer just about content optimization to increase traffic. If you received half the traffic, but double the revenue, then that would be a win. Our goal at The Muller Consulting is to maximize the value of the traffic you already get, before we go out and search for new traffic sources.





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