Reaching All Audiences on YouTube with Optimized Closed Captioning

In our last post we took a closer look at YouTube Channel Optimization. Now it's time to take a closer look at Reaching All Audiences with the help of Closed Captioning.

Reaching All Audiences

Strategy Overview

Why It Works

How To Do It


Strategy Details

YouTube is a global platform - your audience can watch from anywhere in the world. Take extra steps to help your content appeal to broader audiences, including viewers who are hard-of-hearing and foreign language speakers.

Closed Captioning

Multi-Lingual Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning Increases Visibility and Discoverability

Experiment with using different languages for titles, tags and descriptions. This can help improve discoverability through search terms.

Internationalization – Launching a Local Channel

A separate local channel is a great opportunity to create a dedicated experience for viewers who speak another language. Use YouTube Analytics to find out where your channel might already be attracting an audience to assess a new channel’s potential.

In our next post we'll take a closer look at The On-Site Use of Videos and gaining accreditation for your YouTube video in the SERP's.


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