The Options, Benefits, and Limitations of YouTube Channels

In our previous post in this series we looked at where to get started with video Research and Development for video content as well as tips for creating valuable content on a budget. In this third part of the series we look at YouTube, its benefits, limitations, channel options and how channels differ.


There are several benefits to embedding videos using YouTube embed.  Video’s can be optimized using the same methods as standard web pages. Each video requires a YouTube title, description, tags, relevant content, and a video sitemap. In addition to the value of placing your video in front of the world’s largest online audience, you also provide your website with an additional back-link.

The method of embedding video within the source code of the page results in a quality signal as the video content is attributed to your website. In addition to having full control over the video content and optimization, when the video is shared there is the potential for natural back links to the site instead of links pointing to YouTube.

Main Benefits of YouTube

YouTube has over 105 million unique users searching and discovering video on YouTube every month. YouTube is a logical place to share them with the world. Here are a few key benefits to using YouTube for delivering your video content.

Benefits Details
Low Cost Videos can be uploaded for free of charge
Audience A massive audience ready to have your content shared with as the world’s second largest search engine.
Reach YouTube has a broad audience reach. It has a presence in more than 40 countries.
SEO Ranking Since YouTube is owned by Google, which is the world’s largest search engine, SEO ranking can be improved by using the same techniques. Furthermore video is 53 times more likely to produce a first-page search result than websites.
Viral Effect A video can go viral in a very short period of time and it is very easy to share.
Audience Data YouTube Analytics can provide useful insights on your viewers. You can measure social engagement.
Relevance & Credibility When someone shares one of your videos, there is more credibility and relevance since people trust their friends, family etc., much more than they do brands/companies.
Content Accreditation It is possible to have Video Content accredited to you as the publisher, but it requires a specific series of steps to be followed to have them accredited to your website.
Custom Player The YouTube Chromeless player means you can customize controls, overlays, links, related videos, and even Analytics Events on your website for YouTube embedded content.
Discover & Engage Brand channels are an easy way to engage with your brand. Users can watch your videos, add and read comments, subscribe, friend and share your channel with others.
Customization Brand channels can incorporate banners and background images to match your brand’s look and add links to other sites.
Brand Control Comments can be moderated. Accessibility to specific demographics to maintain a brand appropriate environment and message can be controlled and limited.
Analytics & Measurement With YouTube Analytics, you can find out which videos perform best, and why, through in-depth tracking of videos, channels and comments.


Main Limitations of YouTube

While YouTube is flexible enough to be the solution for most video delivery needs, there are key limitations most webmasters should be aware of in evaluating your decision for selecting a video streaming service, here are a few:

Limitations Details
Social Mood When people are on YouTube they are more in a social mood than purchasing mood.
Earned Attention Attention cannot be bought it all depends if people respond positively to the content.
Lack of Control People can be very vocal about what they think about your video and can lead to a crisis if it’s something they don’t like. This could jeopardize your brand image.
Random Advertising You cannot control what advertisements your video will have and people are easily annoyed by it.
Constant Flow of interesting content required You have to continuously upload interesting content; a successful video can only last for so long, so in order to make it successful and sustainable in the long term you must produce great content over and over again.

Channel Options

A YouTube Brand Channel is your own 24/7 channel where your brand is the star. It’s a place where you can build and engage a loyal audience of supporters directly on YouTube. You can even customize it to reflect the look and feel of your brand.

  • How do you get a brand channel?
  • What are the options available for brand channels?
  • How does a brand channel differ from a user channel?

How to get one: If your company is engaged in an existing PPC campaign, you likely have been assigned an Adwords Representative, if you have not, you can contact 1-866-2GOOGLE to speak with an Adwords Representative and request your free brand channel.

What are the options?

Channel Type Advertiser and User Experience
User Channel Cost-free; provides the same functionality available to any YouTube user through engagement with subscribers, basic customization, and measurable results with YouTube Analytics. Can be set up in a matter of minutes.
Brand Channel Cost-free through your YouTube representative, offers additional branding via large header, a background image, an optional similar branded experience to, and the ability to add remarketing /impression tags on the channel.
Custom Brand Channel The highest level of brand channel customization made available via gadgets (interactive applications that display content and engage users in colorful ways).

How they differ

YouTube Channel Feature Comparison:

  User Channel Brand Channel Custom Brand Channel
Video Management




User Generated Submissions

Live Streaming

Client Services

* Certain custom brand channel features may require a media spend.

In our next post in this series we'll take a closer look at a YouTube resource on Optimization.





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